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Why is it when I near the end of a project I get really bored with it.  I have approx. 18 stripes left on this massive ripple.  Then I need to weave in the ends, and edge the whole thing … Continue reading

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My home is overflowing with yarn!

I’m starting to realize I might have a problem. lol For years when I would crochet/knit I would just use Red Heart, there was no question other then what color to buy.  However when I branched out and used wool … Continue reading

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Crocheting to keep from crying…

Just crocheting along to try and keep most of my mind off of the families in Virginia and around the country that are affected by yesterdays tradegy. My prayers are with those families!  I just can’t imagine…..

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This Weeks Update

I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much done on the blanket. I guess I have hit a point where no matter how much I add to it, it doesn’t seem like much. When the blanket was much smaller I could … Continue reading

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Star Wars

Somehow I have managed to live for 27 years and never see any of the Star Wars movies. That was until Friday night.  My son has fallen in love with Star Wars.  My hubby watched the older movies as a … Continue reading

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Crochet Updates

I finally have internet back during the day. The house is no longer as clean as it was when the internet was down all day. lol I guess I know what the problem is now. I haven’t gotten much crochet … Continue reading

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Our internet has been down

For the past week we have Internet (cable) until around 10 in the morning, then it just goes away.  It comes back around 7:30 at night.  I’m starting to get really upset. The bad thing is how much stuff I … Continue reading

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