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Nearing the end

I’m getting close to the finish line for the  Tiramisu Baby Blanket .  It’s a really easy pattern to follow and I’m enjoying working on it, but it seems like it’s taking forever. I took some time off from it … Continue reading

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A Headband for my sister Heather

Heather is my beautiful Sister-in-law.  I hate the “in-law” part of that title.  However I can’t ever leave it off, because I am a Alabama girl.  If you are a Alabama girl and you talk about your sister Heather, and … Continue reading

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First a update picture to show progress between my last picture and this one.  The orange Stitch Holder marks where I was the last time I posted pictures. Now the finished blanket…… The opposite side to show that it comes … Continue reading

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It is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After almost exactly two months, I have finished Caedmon’s massive blanket.  It is laying nicely folded on the couch next to me.  It’s been complete since around 3 yesterday.  Quite honestly I didn’t think I would ever finish it.  I’m … Continue reading

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It is finished!!!!!!!!!!! Well….Almost….

I just finished the ripple part of this massive blanket. Instead of 5 more stripes I went ahead and did the 8 I had originally planned on doing to finish out my random stripe sheet. Now I can start weaving … Continue reading

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I have 5 stripes left to go!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!  According to the measurements that my dh did I had 8 stripes left on my pattern.  Today in a fit of being tired of dragging this massive blanket through the house I drug it upstairs to … Continue reading

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