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It’s Christmas in July

I love QVC!  There I admited it!!  I love watching QVC.  I don’t order much because frankly I don’t have the money.  But I love watching it. Today on QVC it is Christmas in July.  So I am settled in … Continue reading

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I turned the heel!

I did it, it looks like a sock!!  I’m so excited. Okay so it’s not the world’s prettiest sock, and maybe she is a sock that only a mother could love… but I did it.  Now I need to take … Continue reading

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I’ve been busy busy busy

Unfortunatly not much new on craft front to report. I’ve finished two more repeats of the clapotis. I started the heel flap on my sock and have reached the point where I start turning it.  I’m so excited. I finally … Continue reading

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Back in NC

Our visit home was wonderful!! I didn’t wind up doing much knitting.  I am on the 4th repeat of straight rows in clapotis.  I will have pictures of that progress to post sometime soon. Today I was feeling down about … Continue reading

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I’m in Alabama

We spent the 4th of July driving home, to Sweet Home Alabama!! I won’t be back home until the 16th, so no picture until then. My first sock is ready to turn the heel.  But I am stuck in the … Continue reading

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Works in Progress the bain of my existence! lol I was doing so good… I only worked on Caedmons Ripple Blanket for 2 months.  I did look longingly at other projects but I wouldn’t let myself start them unless it … Continue reading

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