I finished my first sock, and other updates

I did it.  I made a sock!!

It is a wonderful feeling, even if the sock is not so wonderful to look at. lol  Now I just need to cast on the second sock.  I don’t think these socks will ever really see the light of day very often.  The leg of the sock is too loose.  The foot of the sock should have been a little longer.  And my somehow knitting inside out gave me a strange row of purl bumps around the ankle of the sock.  But it’s warm and it’s cozy and it’s the first thing I have ever knit myself!!

I’ve finished a little more on the clapotis, but still haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of it.  I will probably be working just on it for the next week or until I finish it.  My mother’s bday is Sept 9th and I need to allow enough time to get it in the mail.

The first 7 panels of Kathryn’s Babette Blanket have been sewn together.  The Babette is very deceiptive.  You finish the first 6 section and think, wow I’m almost done.  Then you look at the pattern and realize that the majority of the work is in the last few sections.  It will get done eventually. lol

I’m still working off and on, on some Christmas gifts.  Some secret gifts and some that I will take photos of and share soon.

Most of my time for the past two weeks has been spent cleaning my house.  A deep scary cleaning.  That has involved tons of trash bags of stuff leaving my house!!  I have also decided that I want to get rid of as much of my yarn stash as possible.  I would like to get it down to half of a rubber- maid container.  So that is my goal.

About caednkat

Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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2 Responses to I finished my first sock, and other updates

  1. sanjida shaheed says:


    you have a nice blog here. and the sock is ok! i would never dare to try crafts (especially knitting) although i am a multidisciplinary artist. you sure do have a lot of patience!

    keep it up!

  2. Dani in NC says:

    Isn’t turning the heel on a sock the coolest thing? The first time I did it successfully, I thought I was hot stuff :-). One of the greatest thrills of knitting for me is when I create something that looks like a “real” item that could be purchased in a store.

    As much as I enjoy knitting socks, I do find that the legs tend to be a bit loose for my taste. To combat that, I either use a yarn with a bit of elastic in it or knit some sort of pattern all the way down the leg.

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