Summer Cotton Yarn Swap at Crochetville

I signed up for the Summer Cotton Yarn Swap at Crochetville.  It was my first time signing up for a swap there.  I did a swap last fall on a Christmas message board where we exchanged coffee mugs and cozy socks.  It was a lot of fun, so I finally got sucked in and signed up at the ” ‘ville”.

I had the best swap partner!  It wound up that both of us realized that signing up to participate in things during the summer is probably not a good idea.  We were both really busy which lead to a nice laid back and easy swap.

After a week of waiting around for my package which Knic Knac had mailed a week ago, through email we decided I should contact the post office.  Well the post office couldn’t tell me anything over the phone.  So I went down there.  Not only was my swap box there (and had been sitting there since Monday), but I also had two other boxes of stuff hubby and I had ordered sitting there.  Apparantly my regular mailman took a few days off work and his replacement decided not to get out of his/her car in the heat and didn’t bother trying to deliver these boxes.  They didn’t even leave me a note telling me I had a box.  I was home all day on the two days they supposdly attempted delivery.

In the end I got my box today.  It couldn’t have came on a better day!  Yesterday just stunk for many reasons, and ended up with me not going to bed until around 3 in the morning because I was so upset.

So I really needed some cheering up today, and boy did Knic Knac cheer me up!!!!  I can’t believe the amount of stuff she got into that box!!!  I got a little picture happy taking pictures, so bear with me! 🙂

First out of the box were two pattern books (one for purses and one for victorian ladies) and a Better Homes and Gardens Crochet magazine.  I have allready found a sweater coat in the BHG magazine, as well as a sweater for my daughter that I want to make!  Then I found some beautiful notecards, a candle, a Peter Rabbit tin filled with candy (that my children have swiped), a bag of nips caramels, and a wooden purse that had a bottle of lotion in it.  I love the little purse and I think it might have a home on my bedside table to hold some lotion, chapstick, nailfile, and my reading glasses.

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Then I pulled out something made from some of the prettiest colored yarn I think I have ever seen!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen any yarn in these colors and I love love love it!  This doily is now living in the middle of my little round dining room table.  It’s perfect!!  There was also the cutest keychain!  A tiny little sweater!  I love cute keychains, and all my favorite ones had broken.  So now I have and adorable replacement!  (KnicKnac did you make this?)

A close-up of the sweater keychain….

And last but not least the cotton yarn!!!  In all it’s beauty!  Knic Knac really hit the nail on the head with this yarn.  First there is the silkest tan colored Berroco Cotton Twist Yarn!  It is almost the exact same color of my couch!!  I have to admit I’ve been sitting here petting this yarn!  It’s just lovely!

Then there is some blue Fantasy Naturale Cotton yarn by Plymouth yarn.  It is the perfect color!  If you can see in the background of the first picture the bottom half of the walls in my kitchen is almost the exact same color!!!  This yarn will soon be some sort centerpiece for my table.  We add the leaf to the table whenever family is up but usualy our table is just a little circle table.  It will be so pretty!!!

Last but not least is the red yarn by Nashua Handknits.  I love the color!  It is actualy almost the same color as the red walls in my living room!!!  I’m not sure yet what this yarn will become.  I use a good deal of red as accents in my living room, master bedroom and in the kitchen…. so the choices are endless.

Thank you Knic Knac!!!  You were a perfect first swap partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About caednkat

Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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2 Responses to Summer Cotton Yarn Swap at Crochetville

  1. KnicKnac says:

    I am so glad you got the package and that you liked everything! WOO HOO!!!! You were a perfect swap partner, thanks for putting up with me!

  2. mom2am says:

    Beautiful Stuff you’ve got there! Adore the Sweater Key chain!!Knic Knac made my Secret pal Swap so fun too.

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