My 8 Goals for 2008

Okay, I gave up on resolutions many many years ago.  However here is a list of my goals for the new year.

 1. Learn to use my fancy camera better ( I plan to work on this by taking at least one photo a day).

2. Work on getting healthy. (I’m past worrying about my size, I just want to be around for my kids)

3. Become a better knitter.  (Even though I have been knitting for 5 years I feel like a newbie.  I want to work on a lace project and complete an entire pair of socks this year.)

4. Write more.  (On my blogs, in my journal… just write more)

5. Start getting my finished scrapbook pages in albums and finish at least 50 more pages.

6. Get back to cooking from scratch more.  (I used to only cook totally from scratch, however over the past few years I’ve started taking shortcuts and I don’t like it.)

7. Play with my kids more just for the sake of fun.  (I find myself forcing playtime to accomplish something for school, or because it’s a holiday and we need to create memories. lol )

8. Work harder on letting stuff go.  (This is a very broad goal for me.  I need to work on letting “stuff” go and keeping my house cleaner and less clutter filled.  However I also need to work on letting emotional stuff go.  I hide too much away and let it stew and become bigger then it should have been.  Then I explode or get depressed.  It’s not fun and I’m tired of it.)

Of course if I acomplish one thing off this list this year I will be thrilled beyond belief! lol


About caednkat

Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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1 Response to My 8 Goals for 2008

  1. ladybugsnlizards says:

    Wow! I just wrote a blog post that was very similar to yours! lol Now to stick to my goals. I hope I can! Good luck to you with yours! :o)

    Kris (Hayleigh’s mom)

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