Spring Secret Pal Swap

I think I have mentioned that I had signed up for the Spring Secret Pal Swap.  Well that has completed now and I have found out who my Unknown pal was, and I have also revealed myself to my Secret Pal.

That means I have pictures to share.

First I want to share all the wonderful things I received from my Unknown Secret Pal!

My Unknown was a very sneaky partner!  I got postcards from Georgia and Florida, some Alligator soap and ink pens from Florida too.  Then I get an envelope in the mail and the postmark is from Colorado!

This is what was in it!

Which was perfect because I am planning some afghan projects pretty soon, and I am addicted to making dishcloths.  Aren’t those the cutest dishcloths?  The kidlets are excited about that pattern book too.  Since they are wanting to learn to crochet and Caedmon thinks that the granny square pattern will be easy.  🙂

A little while after receiving this package I got a box in the mail from Joanne’s.  My UKSP had let me know that her name might be on the invoice so it was up to me whether I chose to open it then or waited until my reveal package came.

I decided to wait until my reveal package got here.  So on the day that package arrived I tore into the box from Joanne’s.  I could have opened it earlier because her name wasn’t anywhere in the box. lol

What was in the box was 12 skeins of lovely cotton yarn!  Yarn in lovely bright solid colors!  My local Michael’s only carries neutral toned yarn, so I am beyond thrilled to have all this new yarn to play with!

Then I tore into my reveal package!  I do not know how she managed to fit so much stuff in the box she sent!  So a big Thank You to my unknown secret pal, Aunty Bubbles, who happens to live in New York and not in Georgia, Florida or Colorado! lol

Here is a list of everything that was in my box, and then I will stick the pictures at the end.  Tomorrow I will share pictures of the things I made for my secret pal.

2 coloring books and Fruit Gusher Gummies for my kidlets.
A collection of ink pens (I have a thing for ink pens!)
A set of size 19 knitting needles.
A large reusable JcPenny grocery bag. ( I love love love this! I’ve had it folded up in my purse to use all week. It’s a amazing the amount of stuff I can fit in it when I am out shopping. It will probably become a really large project bag whenever we travel.)
101 Fun Crochet Projects Book. (So many things I want to make!)
Gifts to Crochet booklet. ( an adorable teddy bear I have to make my nephew)
2 Clover Soft touch hooks in D and E (sizes I really needed!)
A beautiful crocheted bookmark! (that has already found a home in the book I’m reading)   
2 large felted brown and cream pot trivets. (I adore these!!!)
3 crocheted dishcloths/pretties that are brightening up my kitchen as I type. (They are too pretty to get dirty right now, I have to just enjoy them for a while)
2 skeins of Lion Brand Trellis Yarn. (I can’t wait to make myself something with it!)
A lovely, lovely project bag! One of the ones with the compartments so you can separate the yarn. You will have to see the picture because I stink at explaining things. I’ve wanted one of those bags for so long though!!!      

About caednkat

Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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1 Response to Spring Secret Pal Swap

  1. Wow! What a great swap partner! All those pretty cotton colors and a pattern book along with it. I could crochet dishcloths for hours and hours. Have fun with all your new gooodies!

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