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Craft updates…

As promised I have a Finished Object to show y’all!!! A finished Tiramisu Blanket for Kathryn’s Dance Teacher. Miss Cherita is due with a baby girl in just a few weeks. I originally planned to have this blanket finished so … Continue reading

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Friday Fill-ins

These were hard questions this week… for me at least. lol 1. For me cleaning is the opposite of creativity. 2. Pride and Prejudicewas the last excellent book I read. 3. I like fill-ins because they remind me to post … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Taking a break..

I’m taking a break from cleaning house, to sleep for the night. lol At least that feels like what I am doing. I decided Saturday that since we (Caedmon and I) decided not to go to the Tae Kwon Do … Continue reading

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Friday Fill-ins…

I have some more stuff to share soon… like a finished baby blanket and the start of yet another one, plans for this summer and many more things. But for today, just my Friday Fill-ins. 1. On my laziest day … Continue reading

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Friday Fill-ins

I’m trying to post more often, so I thought I would start taking part in the Friday Fill-ins. So here are mine… 1. There is absolutely NO way you can get me to __wear a bathing suit in public___! 2. … Continue reading

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Crafty goodness… finally….

Okay so here is what my hands have been occupied with…. First another tiramisu blanket. This time for Kathryn’s dance teacher. I’m not sure what she is having yet so I am making the blanket in one of Sugar’n Creme’s … Continue reading

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It was a very Happy Mother’s Day…

Hubby and my kidlets always do a really good job on holidays. If nothing else I have to give them that. Especially after I read on message boards post after post from ladies who’s hubbys didn’t do anything for them … Continue reading

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Kat’s Recital Part 2

I’m a little later getting this posted then I had hoped to be. Oh well… Kathryn’s recital started at 10 am which meant that I had to have us all dressed and ready and at the auditorium by 9am. I … Continue reading

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Kathryn the Ballerina

Okay this will be a two day post and then hopefully I will get back in the swing of posting regularly. Last weekend was my little girl’s first dance recital. Kathryn first mentioned wanting to be a ballerina right after … Continue reading

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