Kat’s Recital Part 2

I’m a little later getting this posted then I had hoped to be. Oh well…

Kathryn’s recital started at 10 am which meant that I had to have us all dressed and ready and at the auditorium by 9am. I am not a morning person. Despite all the odds we actually made it there on time. Honestly I was shocked! lol

I got Kat dropped off backstage and my mom and I headed in to find some seats. We had sent my dad and Caedmon off to buy roses. We found our seats 2 rows back then we had hoped to get. But they were still good seats. Then we sat and waited. And we waited… and we waited.

I was so nervous for Kathryn. I was afraid that when the curtain opened and she saw how many people were there that she would flip out. Other then this recital the only other time she has done anything like this was in preschool. She was supposed to be an angel in the Christmas play at her school. Instead she cried the whole time.

Thankfully she didn’t flip out. Her ballet number was up first. It didn’t go quite as well as it did at the dress rehearsal. She didn’t look at her teacher though.. and that was her goal. What did happen was that at the very first of the dance she skipped one whole part and went ahead to the next. She realized it pretty quickly and got back on time with the rest of her class. But man those moments seemed like they lasted years to me. Thankfully she handled it well and was fine when the recital was over. If it had been me I would have been upset. Despite the little mess up she did wonderfully on her ballet.

Tap went off without a hitch. She remembered everything and didn’t have to look over at the teacher at all which made Kathryn very happy. In fact all the little girls in her class did a really good job on both their dances.

Originally I was a little upset that Kat’s school splits the recital into two performances, because I really enjoy watching the older dancers. However after this 2 and a half long recital I could have kissed their feet. lol We had originally planned to go to the evening recital too. But after Kat’s recital was over she was way too tired to do much of anything. Well anything except open presents.

There is more info on these pictures on my flickr stream as well as some pictures from the actual recital. You can click the pictures to get there.
The first picture is of Kathryn leaving the house to go to the recital, then a picture of her with her roses from us, A picture of her with her roses from us and from her Paw-paw and Nanna and her gift from them and a cup of candy from her dance teacher. Then there is a picture of her in front of my rose bush, her opening her new doll from her paw-paw and nanna, and then her in her necklace from us.
Leaving the house! With her roses from Dad and Mom Kathryn with her roses... A daisy in my garden. It's the doll she wanted.. A close up of her new necklace


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Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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