More Baby Gifts..

Here is the other half of the gift I made for us to send to our friends in Colorado.

I have mentioned before just how in love I am with the Mason Dixon Knitting book. I haven’t seen anything in that book that I don’t want to knit. Well maybe the seat cushion, because I don’t have any seats in need of it. But the pattern used for the seat cushion reminds me of the scarf from the movie Penelope, and I really like that scarf. So I might end up knitting it anyway.
My point in all that is that it should come as no surprise that other then the Tiramisu blanket my current favorite baby item to make is the Bib of Love from Mason Dixon Knitting. When I first saw it in the book I wondered who in the world would knit a baby bib. Then the more I looked through the book the more I wanted to knit it. Then I started looking at all the finished ones on Ravelry and I couldn’t resist any more.

Now it’s an addiction, like so many things. This is such and quick and easy knit and so easy to follow too. On these I didn’t follow the button hole instructions. Instead I knit the straps solid and sewed on Velcro. Next ones I make I will do the buttons. Sewing the Velcro on was murder on my hands!

Bibs of Love

These were knit on size 7 straight needles. Each one took me a day to finish, but that is with working on it off and on. The yarn is Sugar n Cream Confectionary Colors in Nougat, Pistachio and then just regular Sugar n Cream in Brown. I added the crochet edging to girly the bibs up a little. It’s a simple single crochet edging with the ruffle section from the Tiramisu blanket on the bottom of the bib.

I am really happy with how these turned out. I made a 3rd one in the reverse of the pink and green, but I haven’t taken pictures of it yet. I’m holding on to it for my next trip in to get a haircut. The girl who cuts my hair just had a baby girl a few months back.

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Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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1 Response to More Baby Gifts..

  1. ladybugsnlizards says:

    Those are SO cute! I just love looking through all the stuff you have made. Everything is just beautiful!

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