My hands were cold…

Tuesday nights are my night of the week. Hubby has band practice at church from the time he gets off work until almost 10pm. That means I get to enjoy NCIS, The Mentalist and/or any other shows I need to catch up on without interruption. See hubby likes to ask questions when I am watching a show and it drives me up the wall.

My parents had just left Tuesday morning so I sent the kids to bed a little early (they are always exhausted after a visit from Paw-paw and Nana) and settled in to enjoy my night. I had my bag/basket full of yarn and intended to finish a Christmas gift while watching some tv.

The only problem was that the house was cold. We have hit a cold spell in Eastern North Carolina, and in an effort to save money we keep our house cool in the winter. We have blankets laying all over the house and just put on long sleeves if we are really chilly. That has worked fine the past few years. For whatever reason though this year I am constantly cold.

What was worse was that my hands were so cold while I was knitting. I wanted to just put the knitting down and stick my hands under the nice warm blanket.

What is a knitter to do?

Search out fingerless mit pattern of course! That way my hands can be warm while I knit. The perfect solution to the problem.

Toasty Hands for Me

I have wanted to try out Fetching and Dashing for a while, so initially I went to pull them up. Then I remembered how much I liked the simple mitts that I had seen on A Friend to Knit With. So I looked back through my starred items in Google Reader and found the link to Those Mitts. Of course while on her site I got sidetracked and ran across the pattern for the Toasty mitts.

I decided to go with Toasty. Only problem was that I knew I only had one skein of Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Allspice. I am planning on placing an order this weekend for some more yarn for Christmas gifts, but I really wanted the mitts now.
My simple fix was found while searching on Ravelry. I saw where pneuma on Ravelry had modified the pattern. So I took inspiration from her lovely Toasty mitts and cast on.

I cast on my first glove at 8:28pm Wednesday night (while watching Pushing Daisies) and finished sewing in all the ends on both gloves at 2:15am Thursday morning. So about 5 hours total work on both gloves.

Toasty Hands for Me

Toasty Hands for Me

I’m not really much of an accessory wearer. However I kept these gloves/mitts on all night last night when we took the kids to see High School Musical 3 and went grocery shopping. I love how they just peak out from under long sleeves. I really love how they keep my hands Toasty warm!!

Here is how I modified the pattern.
Cast on 30 stitches instead of 34.
Worked 4 rows of Garter stitch at the start and the end, as well as on the thumbs.
Such a fast and fun project. I only had one skein of yarn to use so I made them much shorter then the pattern calls for. I will be making me another pair or two, this time I’ll be ordering two skeins of yarn and making them longer and letting the ends roll! Plus both kids have put in orders for pairs of their own!

Toasty Hands for Me

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  1. Mandi says:

    Those are so cute!

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