Christmas Open House…

My husband’s store is having a Christmas Open House tomorrow afternoon. That means that I will be spending the evening baking. I’m so excited! I love to bake, but no one in my family is big sweet eaters so it goes to waste.

So right now I am planning my grocery list. Then I’ve got to run out and get everything and then get busy baking.

The plan right now is Cheese Straws, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gingersnaps (dipped half in white chocolate), and some other type of cookie. I can’t make my mind up about the other cookie yet.

So in order to plan I had to have coffee.
Happy Coffee
This is my coffee maker. It makes the best coffee in the entire world. The only problem is that they apparently stopped making them. You can still buy them on Ebay, but you will pay a lot for them. I just don’t know what I will do if anything ever happens to it.

Mmmm Coffee

Now the coffee is all finished and poured into my new favorite mug. Isn’t it precious? My SIL and my Brother got it for me for my B’day (I have a post about that drafted that I need to post).
The coffee is my favorite. My Hubby sells it in his store. It’s Winter Frost by Coffee Masters. Hazelnut flavored coffee beans dusted with white cocoa powder. It makes the beans look frosted! So cool! It also makes the coffee brew a funny color. But it tastes delicious.

Mmmm Coffee

And now I’ve just made a good day wonderful! Nothing better then a smidgen of whipped cream!!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day too!!


About caednkat

Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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One Response to Christmas Open House…

  1. Dani in NC says:

    I love French Press coffee! One of these days I will buy myself a French Press.

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