I’m taking a day off from knitting… (long post)

Strangely it’s really hard to do. Sure there are days when I just don’t get around to picking any project up and I go a day or two without knitting or crocheting. But to do it on purpose is driving me nuts.

I have this issue with being told I can’t do something. Even if it’s me telling myself I can’t do something. lol

Why am I taking a break? Well my parents were up this weekend. We had a great visit and I will talk more about that soon. However I had some gifts to finish before they left for Alabama this morning. So all weekend I was marathon knitting. That’s what I get for putting things off until the last moment.

My cousin Amy had a baby girl week before last. I had made two bibs for her over the summer. Of course I had never gotten around to adding the buttons to them. I also had planned on making her a ribbons hat. So this weekend I had that little hat to knit, finish and get the ribbon in and buttons to sew onto the two baby bibs.

My mother had asked me to make a Calorimetry for each of my grandmothers as part of their Christmas gifts from my parents. I won’t see my family again before Christmas and I didn’t want to have mail them. I had finished one, so this weekend I only had to knit one and sew buttons on both of them.

My precious little nephew is turning 2 this week. What Auntie who knits wouldn’t send him some knitted love for his B’day? So I had that gift to finish. I can’t show pictures of it until after he gets it though because I think my brother or my sister-in-law might read my blog and I want it to be a surprise.

It was Matty’s gift that did my fingers in though. I was using my Knit Picks Options needles and those things are sharp. When I get in a hurry with knitting I tend to push the points with my thumbs and now both my thumbs are incredibly sore. So I need to give them the day off.

So here are all the finished gifts. They are all on their way back to Alabama to be given away. I will share Matty’s gift pictures next week after his B’day. Hopefully my sister-in-law or my mom can send me a picture of him with it.

First up is the two Calorimetrys’. I have become addicted to this pattern. In fact these two are only two of the 6 I have knitted in the past month!

The first up is for my Mom’s mom. I knit this on size 8 needles in Knit Picks Comfy (color is Flamingo). The needle size was a little too large IMO. I only cast on 112 for this one. The fabric just turned out a little loose. It is still lovely and will serve my grandmother well. I hope.

Calorimetry for Maw-maw Hill

Second gift is a Calorimetry for my Dad’s mom. Her’s was knit on size 7 needles (my new Harmony straights, love these needles!), in Knit Picks Comfy (color is Honeydew). I think it turned out much better on size 7 needles then the 8’s. I cast on the full 120 for this one.

Calorimetry for Maw-maw Wood

Gift number 3 was the Ribbons Hat from Itty Bitty Hats for my cousin’s baby. This was knit on a size 6 circular needle. Yarn used is Knit Picks Cotlin in Fiesta Pink. See how nice the ribbon matched both hats I’ve made?

Ribbons Hat for Amy's baby girl.

Gifts numbers 4 and 5 are the Bibs of Love from Mason Dixon Knitting. These are knit with Sugar n’ Cream in Hot Pink and Hot Purple. I like these bibs so much better with the buttons then I did with the Velcro. The button holes weren’t as scary to do as I thought they would be. lol

Bibs for Amy's baby girl
Bibs for Amy's baby girl

Gift 6 is for Matty and I will talk about it later.

Alright I am about to surround my self with cookbooks and my notebook to make my grocery list for Thursday! Then I get to start planning my shopping list for Black Friday. I’m so excited!!

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Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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