A fun weekend with my family..

My parents came up for a visit this past weekend. The kids are always excited when Nana and Paw-paw come to see them. This time I was really excited too (not that I am usually unexcited to see my parents. lol).

Friday my Mom, Kathryn and I went out for a girls day of shopping and lunch. We had planned this in advance and I was so excited about it. Our first stop of the day was Hancock Fabrics because I needed some buttons for the bibs and Calorimetrys. Then we went in Kmart.
In Kmart Mom found a lovely Cashmere sweater. Yes Cashmere in Kmart! We took our time browsing around and looking at their Christmas decorations.
Stop number 3 was Michael’s. We searched the whole store over because we had coupons. I wanted something to put on the bookcases on either side of our TV. I had just about given up when my mom spied some mini Christmas trees. Right past those I found some lovely tall trees covered with pinecones (one of my favorite things in the world) and ice crystals. Best of all they were 50 percent off, so I got them for 10 bucks each.
Then we all headed over to the Mall. My seven year old little girls favorite place to go in town is the mall. We browsed around looking in windows for a while. Then Kathryn let it be known that the real destination of the day was Claire’s. She found the earrings very quickly and they were buy 2 pairs get one free. She got a rather large pair of silver hoops, a little pair of Panda Bears and her big find of the day, sparkly Eiffel Tower earrings. She has this thing for Paris and the Eiffel Tower right now. lol
After a break to put on her new earrings we went in Bath and Body Works to smell all the lotions. Then it was time for lunch.

We had lunch at Olive Garden. Soup and Salad for mom and me, and Kathryn got Chicken Fingers. Then we had a slice of some kind of Chocolate Cheesecake thing for desert. We tried to split it three ways, but Kat got most of it. lol

After a quick stop by my husband’s store so Kathryn could say hi we headed off to Hallmark. Then Target (where I found a lovely pinecone soap/lotion dispenser) and finally to Wal-Mart. I loathe Wal-Mart, but there was something I needed that I knew I could only find there. While we were there I also found a new candy jar. I forgot to take a picture of it. It’s one of the clear tree shaped jars. My grandmother always had one out, so seeing it made me think of holidays at her house.
Our final stop of the day was hubby’s store. My mom had some Christmas shopping to do there. I found some really cute Snowman earrings made by a girl at our church. I knew she was selling jewelry at hubby’s store but I hadn’t seen any of it yet. When I saw the snowmen I snatched up both pairs. One for me and one for Kathryn.
Snowman Earrings

Aren’t they cute? If you are local you need to head over to The Rock Christian Bookstore and check out this jewelry. It’s so cute, well made and really affordable. I don’t think Shelley has an Etsy store yet, but when she does I will share the link with y’all.

So here are my favorite purchases of the day. I need to fluff the trees out a good bit, but I think they are going to look good where I need to put them.

Shopping Trip

We also moved everything out of the living room and scrubbed the floors and rearranged the furniture while my parents were here to help. Since hubby got his big screen TV last year, and I got the bookcases to flank it… the spot where I normally put my Christmas tree is full. I swapped the couches around so that hopefully I will have room for it now. It will go in the corner where the rocking chair is in the picture. Having the loveseat where the sofa used to be is strange, and hubby keeps having to stop himself from straightening the sofa out. lol It’s just for a little over a month though. I think we can live with it that long.

Our living room Now I am off for some grocery shopping! Turkey day is getting closer!!

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Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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