Christmas Parade

Our town’s Christmas Parade was this morning and just like last year Miss Kat was able to be in it.  The theme for her dance school’s float was “Here we go a Caroling”, and they were given the instructions to wear hats, scarves and gloves if possible. 

Greenville Christmas Parade

Well…  Miss Kat has one hat that she can wear easily with pigtails and it’s hot pink fleece.  She has no scarves that aren’t either made of fun fur, or insanely bright colors.

So what did I do?  Of course with my insane amount of knitting to be done I had the time to dig through my stash and find a ball of creamy white fuzzy yarn.  Then I cast it on size 13 needles and knit her up a scarf while we watched the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” last night.  I didn’t have enough yarn left for a hat though.  And I didn’t think the yarn I was using would look good as a calorimetry…  so I just winged it.

I cast on 64 stitches on size 7 needles and worked in 2×2 rib until I had a band wide enough to cover her ears easily.  Then I got out my crochet hook and made ties on the back of it so I could tie it on under her pigtails.

I got it all done and I think the finished result was cute.

Greenville Christmas Parade

Kathryn loves it so much she plans to wear it all tomorrow when our church takes the kids ice skating.

I have no idea what yarn this is.  I bought it online about 4 years ago.  I had this creamy white color and then some hot pink with purple bits sticking out of it.  Of course when I got it I balled it up and threw away the band.

We had a nice time at the parade.  It was cold!  But Kat’s dance school was 5th in line so she went by pretty quickly and then she got to stand with us and watch part of the rest of the parade.  I love when her dance school goes by because the older girls in the dance collective actually dance behind the float.  And they wear their neat costumes that makes them look like the Rockettes.  It doesn’t really take much to make my day though. lol

Greenville Christmas Parade
Greenville Christmas Parade

Our local parade is so unorganized that there were gaps of 10-15 minutes with nothing going by.  And no one up here goes all out for the floats.  Mostly it’s just people in their business vans and stuff driving by. 

Greenville Christmas Parade

In Alabama our two small towns we lived in between did the parades up big.  Plus they were always at night so there were tons of Christmas lights and decorations.  Everyone made floats, and it was a lot more impressive IMO.  But the kids enjoyed today and that’s what mattered.

Greenville Christmas Parade


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  1. Very cute! She has a great smile 🙂

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