Vacation Re-cap

Okay guys… I know that some of this won’t interest everyone. I’m sorry for that. However I do want a record of all of this for me so you will have to suffer through. lol

For a few years now we have been trying to plan a family trip to Disney World. My parents wanted to take my family and my brother’s family all together. We would set a date and start to plan and then something would happen and we would have to cancel.

In January when I we went home to celebrate Christmas we started our 4th attempt to plan this trip. This time it stuck. The only issue was that hubby couldn’t get off work, so I would be taking the kids by myself.

My first plan was to drive me and the kids to Orlando. That freaked my hubby out. My second plan was to drive to Alabama and then ride with my parents to Orlando. It would make the trip much longer but I would be on a road that we have driven on a lot so hubby wasn’t as freaked out by that plan. After a few weeks of arguing about it my old-fashioned hubby came up with a new plan that stuck. At first I was a little tiffed about it. I mean really I can drive to Alabama it isn’t a big deal. Eventually I got excited, mostly because It’s the small things in life that excite me.

Like being able to say “I’m leaving on a Midnight train to Georgia”. Okay so it was a train to Anniston Alabama, but we went through Georgia so it counts. Yep me and the two kidlets took an Amtrak train to Alabama, then we rode to Orlando with my family. It ended up that hubby needed to be in Atlanta on business the day we came back to Alabama from Disney World. So we drove back to North Carolina together.

Since our train left out at 12:22 am and everyone on the train was sleeping (except for me) I didn’t take any pictures. I wish I had though. I was really nervous about the train ride, but after it was over with I am now a train convert. The seats were so comfy especially when compared with being on an airplane. Both my kids curled up and slept for the majority of the ride. Caedmon even said it was the best he had slept in weeks. lol

The staff on the train were all really friendly and helpful too. I stayed awake the whole time because I wasn’t comfortable leaving the kids unguarded. However if I was by myself I would have been fine with going to sleep. I spent my time listening to music on my Ipod and reading the first book and a half in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

My mom picked us up in Anniston and we went by to visit with my grandparents for a little while. Then back to her house. I ended up going on to bed around 4pm. I think it was 4pm. That was the weekend of the time change and I was so confused. The time changed and we crossed into a different time zone so I was out of it.

Anyway that was the first day of our vacation. I didn’t take any pictures on that day at all.

The next day is coming soon and there are pictures for that day.

About caednkat

Wife to Cory since 12-04-99. Homeschool Mom to Caedmon (8) and Kathryn (7). I love to Crochet, Knit, Read, Bake, Watch TV and Movies.
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