Disney Day One – (Photo Heavy)

Yes… I’m still going to do this. I got sick, then my parents came up for a visit on top of Caedmon’s birthday this past weekend. One day I will get caught up on everything. 🙂

Okay our first day in Disney.
We spent the first half of the day in our hotel room. My dad had found a deal that got us all free tickets if him and my mom went to a time share meeting. The meeting was supposed to just take a few hours. Instead they held my parents hostage until well after 1 o’clock. But we finally got there.

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

I wasn’t really prepared for just how long it takes you to get to the actual park. We parked the car, then you have to take the tram from the parking lot to the mono-rail. Then you have to take the mono-rail to the park. I felt like it took forever!

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

Our first stop was to get the kids hats. Kathryn found a cute pink hat with Minnie Mouse ears, Caedmon choose a Donald Duck hat (because apparently Donald is his favorite), and my nephew Matty got a Tigger hat complete with a tail on the back. Then we headed straight for Adventureland to get the kids on a ride.

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

Our next stop was Pirates of the Caribbean. While we were in line though my brother spotted then gathering people up for the appearance of…..

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

Where my daughter pledged her life as a pirate to the service of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

That’s her in the sunglasses and pink hat with the grin on her face. lol

Then we finally made it on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. So fun! Then all the rest of the family headed off to Splash Mountain while my mom and I hung out with Matty. I was fighting vertigo the whole time so there weren’t many rides that I could be on.

While they waited in line forever my nephew and I walked around. He desperately wanted to go back to the Pirate ride. It was so cute, he kept saying “Argh” to everyone we passed.

Once they all got off Splash Mountain we set off to head for Small World. On our way there we ran into Donald Duck. It was the only time that Caedmon happily got in line for a character. lol

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)
Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)
Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

We finally made it to the It’s a Small World ride. You can look at the pictures and tell which of my children was not happy to be there.

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)
Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

After Small World we split up. My dad and Caedmon went to ride the Big Thundermountain Railroad, while the rest of us headed for Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

The kids actually wanted to leave out fairly early (7ish) so they could go to the water park at the hotel. So we decided to split up again. I took my nephew Matty and we went back and road Small World again because he loved it so much. Everyone else went to the Haunted Mansion.
Matty and I had a ball on Small World. Then we walked around over close the the Haunted Mansion and watched the boats until everyone else was done.

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

Gosh I love that kid. He’s such a hoot!

After all that it was time to head out of the park.

Disney - Day 1 (Magic Kingdom)

Once we made it back to the hotel dad ordered in pizza. Everyone else went to the water park while I walked over to the outlet store by our hotel in search of shorts. Yes seriously I bought and worse shorts the rest of the time we were there. I didn’t expect it to be that HOT!

The other days I might need to split up some just to keep the posts from getting so long.

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