Disney Day Two – (Photo Heavy)

I’m trying to keep the amount of photos I put on here slim. If you want to see all the other you can check them out on my flickr page.

Day Two of Disney we decided to start out at the Magic Kingdom. Instead of taking the mono-rail we decided to head over on the ferry, which was a lot of fun for the kids.

Our first planned stop was the Teacups, but on the way there my SIL Heather spotted the show going on in front of the castle. Not only did she spy it but she managed to get us up fairly close in a good location to watch from. If you know anything about my family then you know that we are all a bunch of saps. I am not embarrassed to admit that I got a little overly excited when I saw just what characters were up on the stage in front of the castle.

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Come on.. you know that Milificent is the coolest Disney character! I love the villains, I can’t help it. The “bad” guy in most movies and TV shows ends up being my favorite. It made my day to see Milificent up on the stage. In fact if we could have ran into the actual character somewhere it would probably be the only character I would have to have my picture taken with. As much as I dislike photos of myself that says a lot!

Anyway here are a few more pictures from the show.

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom
Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

After we left the castle we split up. Caedmon decided he was too old to go on “baby” rides like the teacups or go check out Toonland. So him and my dad headed to Tommorrowland where they rode the Astro Orbiter, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, the Carousel of Progress, the Monster Inc Laugh Floor, Space Mountain, and Stitch’s Great Escape.
My mom and Kat rode the teacups first and then my brother, Heather and Matty got to ride.

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom
Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

After the teacups everyone but me went to ride The Many Adventures of Pooh. I walked around through a few shops. Once that ride was over it was time for Kat and me to head over to Storytime with Belle. She is totally my daughter and was just as excited for these types of things as she was for the rides.

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom
Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

This got over and we walked up right as my nephew Matty was getting to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Our next stop was Minnie Mouse’s house. Honestly I think I was more excited about it then anyone else was. lol

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom66
Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Kathryn was very excited that on Minnie’s sewing table she had a basket of yarn. She must be a knitter too! lol

After Minnie’s House we went on the train ride around the park.
Once we got back in Toontown we went to Mickey’s house which was very disappointing, especially to the kids. All the rooms are roped off so you can’t touch anything. In Minnie’s house you could touch everything and some stuff was interactive.

After Mickey’s House we walked over to Donald’s and quickly turned around once I saw that it was a water park. I did not want to deal with a wet child the rest of the day. By that time everyone was hungry so we all met back up and started hunting food. It ended up being timed perfectly. When we came out of the place we ate at the afternoon parade was coming by. We got to stand in the shade and watch the whole thing with no problems.

My nephew’s face is a magnet to my camera… Seriously. I can’t help myself.

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

That look was “Okay Auntie M, that’s enough with the pictures.”. Seriously, can you blame me?

The kids really enjoyed watching the parade. Being the child I am I got really excited to see….

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom


Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

The most entertaining character in the parade was Cruella. She was so much fun to watch!

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Just look at her face!
Okay that’s the first half of Day 2. I’ll post the second half soon.

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