Disney Day 3 (Part One- Photo Heavy)

Day 3 at Disney World. You can see the rest of the pictures here.

We started Day 3 off at Animal Kingdom. My mom, Heather and I took the kids off in the direction of Camp Minnie Mickey in hopes of seeing some characters while my Dad and Cass went to gather fast passes.

We had barely started walking towards Camp Minnie Mickey when I saw Pocahontas!!!!!!!!!! The whole reason I wanted to even go to Animal Kingdom was because I had read online that it was where you could find Pocahontas and see her show with Grandmother Willow. Sadly the show has been closed. However I did get to force Kat to meet Pocahontas. Caedmon wouldn’t humor me and refused.

Disney Day 3 - Animal KingdomDisney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

Pocahontas is my favorite “Princess”. I love the cartoon even though it’s not Historical, and even though it came out while I was a teenager I had the movie poster up in my room, t-shirts the whole works. Mostly because I was happy to have Disney character who looked like me. Not now, since I avoid the sun at all costs because I don’t want to get wrinkles, but when I was a child/teenager and would be out in the sun my skin tone was a few shades darker then it is now year round. My heritage is Native American and for that reason this movie thrilled me. Anyways…

After we ran into Pocahontas we kept walking and happened to walk up as they were seating people for the Lion King Show. I was so excited! Kathryn was excited. Caedmon was mad. *insert eye roll* In the end he ended up loving the show just as much as the “girls” did. It was amazing! Of course I’m a sucker for anything that involved singing and dancing. 🙂
These are just a few of the pictures. You can head to my Flickr page to see the rest.

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

That guy was Caedmon’s favorite. I was so excited to see I got this picture. If you pull it up larger on Flickr you can see the flames in his mouth! So cool!!

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom
Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom
Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

The bird lady that would “fly” around was mine and Kat’s favorite.

By the time the show was over my dad and brother were back with fast passes for Expedition Everest. So off we all headed.

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

My mom and I sat with Matty while everyone else rode. I was planning on riding but woke up that morning feeling bad and spent the whole day fighting headaches and vertigo. Not a good idea to ride roller coasters with Vertigo. 🙂

I caught a picture of them as they came out of the mountain.

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

After Expedition Everest they all wanted to ride the Kali River Rapids. I went to Six Flags over Georgia a lot as a young teenager, and I would stupidly ride the water rides in the morning and then have to walk around all day wet. I wasn’t taking my chances so I hung out with my mom and Matty instead. lol

After they got off the River ride Cass and Heather wanted to go explore for a while, so I went with my parents and all the kids to get the kids some Ice Cream.

Disney Day 3 - Animal KingdomDisney Day 3 - Animal KingdomDisney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

I wasn’t feeling good and Matty was sleepy. So we let my dad take my two kids over to DinoLand while I waited with Mom and Matty for Cass and Heather to come back.

Dad and the Kids rode Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl, and TriceraTop Spin. Once Cass and Heather met back up with Mom, Matty and me we decided to get on The Wildlife Express Train. We thought that it was like the train in the Magic Kingdom. We didn’t realize that it took you to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. So we rode it there and then sat on the train until they loaded back up again and then rode it back.

After that we met back up with Dad and my kids and headed to It’s Tough to be a Bug. To get to it you go all around through the big Tree of Life.

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom
Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

Walking around and finding all the different animals hidden in the “bark” was so much fun!

I have to say though that It’s Tough to be a Bug was probably my favorite “ride” of the whole Disney visit. Matty got a little scared during it. But it was so much fun, and so funny. At the end of the show my brother actually ended up jumping out of his seat. If you have been you know why, if you haven’t been I don’t want to ruin it for you.

We had decided that we wanted to eat lunch at the World Showcase in Epcot. So after the Bug show it was time to head out. Part two of this day is coming soon.

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