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Jury Service…

That’s where I have been all week.  For most people I think it sounds like a chore.  I’m loving it.  But, then again, I’m weird like that.  I have always been fascinated by the legal system.  Always.  Even though I … Continue reading

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Week of Happy Jan 31-Feb 6th 2010 (playing catch up)

Hey Y’all!  I’ve had a busy busy couple of weeks so I’m a bit behind.  My whole family (parents and brother’s family) came up for a visit, plus we have had a bunch of snow.  All that led to no … Continue reading

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Finished Crafty Things of 2009.. Part Five

Okay, so hubby used to manage a Christian Book/Gift store.  For years I have made scarves and sold them there.  This year was no different.  Well, I guess it was  a little different because I only sold 2 scarves.  Usually … Continue reading

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A Week of Happy (Jan 24-30, 2010)

1. 75/365 days of happy, 2. 76/365 days of happy, 3. 77/365 days of Happy, 4. 78/365 days of happy, 5. 79/365 days of happy, 6. 80/365 days of happy, 7. 81/365 days of happy 1. Sunday– Another scarf for … Continue reading

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