Finished Crafty Things 2009… Part Three

It’s rainy and gray here today.  I love rainy days.  I don’t know why.  It seems like they should make you sad.  What with the sky being all gray and dreary.  Instead they have the opposite effect on me.  A gray dreary day will always make me happier then a nice bright and sunny one.  I’m just odd that way.

The only downfall to this lovely gray day, is that the yard is wet and I can’t take the pictures I had planned on.  I wanted to get pictures taken of Kathryn’s Babette blanket and my shawl.  But, I don’t really have room in the house to spread her blanket out enough to get good pictures.  I had planned on doing it outside.  So it will have to wait. 

So instead, I will show you the rest of my brother and my sister in law’s birthday presents.

One of the many things my brother and SIL and I have in common, is that we all love Fall.  The colors, the cooler weather (though not much cooler in Alabama where they live), and the food.  It’s just a wonderful time of year.  So I knew I wanted to make them something for their house that was related to that time period.  Especially since their birthdays are towards the end of summer.  Add to that my obsession with the little square dishcloths that KrisKnits puts out, and the choice of what to make wasn’t hard.

For my brother I made her Halloween Creepy Cloths.
I knit these on needles sized US 4. She calls for a 3 in the pattern, but for whatever reason it’s too hard on my hands to use that size. I love knitting these on size US 5 needles for me. For a gift though I really wanted the picture to pop out so I went down a size. I love the way they turned out. Even though it’s hard to see in the pictures.

Halloween Cloths
The purple cloth is bats, and the green is Frankenstein.

Halloween Cloths
The black cloth has a little headstone that says RIP, and the orange cloth is a pumpkin.

Halloween Cloths
The cloth on the left is a ghost and the cloth on the right is a picture of a witch on a broom. I tried forever to get a photo of the black cloths where the picture would show up, but it just didn’t happen. So you will have to take my word for it. In person it’s really easy to tell what they are.

For Heather (SIL), I decided to make the Thanksgiving Autumn Cloths.  I love the way these turned out.  The colors are so cute together and the pictures on these cloths are just adorable.

Thanksgiving Autumn Cloths
The first one is a live turkey and then next to it is a cooked turkey on a platter. I think the cooked turkey is my favorite of the bunch. 🙂

Thanksgiving Autumn Cloths
The first cloth is a Cornucopia, and the second one is a scarecrow.

Thanksgiving Autumn Cloths The first cloth is a Pilgrim Hat and the second a lovely leaf.

I love these little cloths.  they don’t take very long to make.  They end up being a really cute size.  It’s so fun to knit them following the pattern and slowly see the picture start to show up.  Plus it’s all just knits and purls.  So simple.

Oh and once you stack them all up and tie them up with a cute ribbon they make the sweetest gifts!  I found the ribbons I used for these in the dollar section at Target.  For a dollar I got 3 different type of ribbon.  Each ribbon was just long enough to tie around these cloths.

Halloween Cloths
Thanksgiving Autumn Cloths


I have been buying up her patterns for a while now, so I certainly see many many more of these cloths being made for gifts in the future!!


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