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Busy, Busy, Busy….

I was sitting on the couch last night knitting furiously on a baby gift (can’t say what in case the person might be reading), when I started making a mental list of projects I need to complete. This is just … Continue reading

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Sausage Cheese Balls

Okay, now I know that this is typically a “Holiday” food. At least when I was growing up it was. My mom would only make these for Christmas and oh how I looked forward to Christmas. Well I got married … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Caedmon’s High Green Belt Test

Doing his Poom Sae Originally uploaded by caednkat

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Friday Fill-ins

I have a bunch of stuff to share sometime this weekend. I kept meaning to post through the week but life got in the way. My cousin Sandy is doing a little better, but her and her family still need … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Caught eyeing our garden

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Friday Fill-ins

1. Idle hands are the devil’s handiwork. (At least that’s what Leanne Rimes says) 2. I love singingin the shower. 3. My favorite time of the day is when the kids are in bed. 4. The last tea I drank … Continue reading

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No photo in this post today…

I feel strange posting with a picture. But I don’t have one to go along with what I need to say. Last Tuesday evening (May 27th) my cousin’s wife Sandy was injured in a accident involving pool chemicals. She has … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (Strawberry Picking Time)

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Baking with Caedmon

I try very hard to let the kids help me in the kitchen. However the truth is that it is so much easier and cleaner if I just do it myself. Today I decided to bake Pumpkin Muffins. This is … Continue reading

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Family Movie Night – May 30

A few months back we put into place a Family Movie night. This means that every Friday we all pile into the living room and watch a movie together. There has been once or twice where our movie night actually … Continue reading

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