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The best things I ever helped make…

  Pictures from Easter Sunday.  I can’t get over how fast they are growing up!!

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No pictures…

I don’t think I have touched my camera at all in a week or more.  I need too…. The doctor’s appointment on Tuesday went really well.  I’m not going to die and that is always good news!  I also don’t … Continue reading

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One of those days when you just…

I just want to crawl back in bed and hide under the covers today.  I’m headed to the doctor in a little while and I’m extremely nervous.  On the craft front I am working very hard on a surprise for … Continue reading

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Mason Dixon Knitting

A year or so ago before I really got caught up in the online knitting community, I walked into Barnes and Noble.  On one of the front tables I saw a book (imagine that), the cover was interesting and it … Continue reading

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Crochetville Kitchen Swap

Okay so the other day I shared what my swap partner sent me.  Since my partner doesn’t have a blog and I haven’t posted many crafty pictures lately I thought I would share the things I sent her. First up … Continue reading

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Oh Etsy, Etsy, Etsy….

How you help me waste my time. Have you discovered Etsy yet?  I think it’s pretty hard in the crafty community to not know about this wonderful website. I love the idea of supporting handcrafters, but I also love that … Continue reading

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If you are an avid Gilmore Girls watcher then you probably know who Pierpont is.  If not then this post probably won’t make much sense to you.  It’s apparent to most people how much I love the show Gilmore Girls.  … Continue reading

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Crochetville Kitchen Swap

  A while back I mentioned that I had signed up for a Kitchen Swap over on “the ‘ville”.  It came to a close here recently and I received my swap package from my buddy yesterday.  I have eluded to … Continue reading

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A RAOK Fairygodmother

  Last Thursday I found a lovely surprise in my mailbox.  A envelope full of goodies from a RAOK FairyGodmother in Canada.  A pick me up couldn’t have came at a better time.  Honestly, what’s a better pick me up … Continue reading

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Our Microwave Blew Up…

With everything else going on in our lives right now after it happened I heard myself say  “Of course the Microwave would blow up.”. No cursing, no shock in my voice because it just makes perfect sense.  I had just … Continue reading

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