Week of Happy Feb 7th-Feb 13th

Week of Happy (Feb 7-13 2010)
1. 88/365 days of happy, 2. 89/365 days of happy, 3. 90/365 days of happy, 4. 91/365 days of happy, 5. 92/365 days of Happy, 6. 93/365 days of happy, 7. 94/365 days of Happy

Yes I’m a few weeks behind.  Playing catch up though.  Finished Jury Duty,and got hit with the Winter Blahs.  Maybe it was really the “My husband is home all the fracking time and driving me crazy” blahs.  I don’t know.  Either way I got nothing done in the past week.  Moving on.

1.  Sunday (2/07)- Spending the whole day hanging out with my family and playing with my precious nephew.  He’s just so adorable you can’t help but smile around him.  On top of that my baby girl Kat decided it was her job to mother him.  It was adorable!

2. Monday (2/08)- Was an awesome day and I could have taken 500 pictures for this one day alone.  What I remember most fondly though was sitting around the kitchen table that night.  My brother (in the headphones), My Heather(my brother’s wife, she had stepped away when I took the picture), My husband (hiding his face), and me.  All of us in a circle, all of us on our laptops.  Goofing off and having so much fun.  My face was sore from laughing the next day.

3. Tuesday (2/09)- Another day that could have produced hundreds of pictures.  Seeing the look on my mom’s face when all her grandkids were sitting with her and my dad for supper was priceless though.  Having us live so far away kills her sometimes.

4. Wednesday (2/10)- A sad day because my family all went back home to Alabama.  Watching Gypsy play with my brother’s dog Brahm was such fun the whole weekend.  Gypsy must have thought he was her puppy.  They were so cute together.

5. Thursday (2/11)- I was trying to just take a photo of my Hello Kitty necklace.  I had a different lens then I though on my camera and ended up with a surprise photo of myself.  It’s rare I like a photo of me.  But, I like this one.

6. Friday (2/12)- Part of my Christmas present from my brother and my Heather.  A cool coffee mug.  I love drinking my coffee out of it.

7. Saturday (2/13)- We got more snow.  My children for some reason kept laying face down in it.  It didn’t make Gypsy happy.  She would sit or lay on them until they got up.

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Jury Service…

That’s where I have been all week.  For most people I think it sounds like a chore.  I’m loving it.  But, then again, I’m weird like that.  I have always been fascinated by the legal system.  Always.  Even though I am currently seated on a some what boring Civil Trial, I’m still enthralled by it all.

Plus, I am reading an actual book!  *Gasp*  I don’t think I’ve picked up a actual book since last summer.  So I suppose knitting needles not being allowed in the court house was a really good thing for me. 

I need to find a way to balance my love for crafts and my love for reading.  I tend to embrace one and abandon the other.

So since I have no pictures to share I though I would borrow the idea of the Simple Women’s Daybook.

FOR TODAY – Saturday February 20th, 2010
Outside my window… The sun is shining, the temperature is chilly and I can hear my children playing.
I am thinking… That today is going to be a good day.
I am thankful for… Love
From the kitchen… Nothing, I’ve been on Jury Duty all week so hubby has been doing the cooking.  He made the yummiest Pot Roast last night.  It’s one of my favorite meals and he HATES Pot Roast. 
I am wearing… Comfy clothes.  Gray Yoga Pants and a teal long sleeve t-shirt.
I am creating… A knitted blanket
I am going… Grocery Shopping in a bit
I am reading… Wicked by Gregory Maguire… loving every moment of it too.
I am hoping… Hubby will find a job soon
I am hearing… My Ipod.  It’s been on shuffle all morning.  I have a odd mix of music on it.  Last 10 songs have included the Glee Soundtrack, Abba, The Beatles, Miranda Lambert, Carole King, No Doubt, Patsy Cline, Lady Gaga, Pink, and Laura Woodley.
One of my favorite things… A Hello Kitty Necklace my parents gave me for Christmas.  I’ve become very attached to it since I got it.  Normally I would have loved it but never wore it because I was too afraid of what others would think.  With my new mindset and plan to just be myself, I have worn it almost every day.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Reporting back for Jury Duty.  Teaching my kids, Crafting when I can, and reading when I can’t craft.

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Week of Happy Jan 31-Feb 6th 2010 (playing catch up)

Hey Y’all!  I’ve had a busy busy couple of weeks so I’m a bit behind.  My whole family (parents and brother’s family) came up for a visit, plus we have had a bunch of snow.  All that led to no real computer time.

Here is my week of Happiness from Jan 31st- Feb 6th.

Week of Happy ( Jan 31- Feb 6 2010)
1. 82/365 Days of Happy, 2. 83/365 days of Happy, 3. 84/365 days of happy, 4. 85/365 days of happy, 5. 86/365 days of happy, 6. 87/365 days of happy, 7. 87/365 days of happy


1. Sunday- The Grammys.  I love watching it.  Loved Pink’s performance!!

2. Monday- My precious puppy.  Her favorite place in the world is tucked up under my arm.

3. Tuesday- Bits of ice left in the trees early in the morning.

4. Wednesday- Stepping out of my box.  I’ve never worn a scarf.  I’ve always wanted to.  I just spend too much time worrying about what other people will think I look like.  I wore a scarf today!

5. Thursday- Finishing a gift for my brother.

6. Friday- Hubby and the children scrubbed the kitchen.  I adore this tablecloth and these chairs.  I love the colors together and every time I walk past them I smile.

7. Saturday- My parents and brother’s family arrived at our house.  So my kids got to celebrate Christmas again.  My little girl rocking a side pony made me smile too.

(More tomorrow.  I’m off to Jury Duty today!)

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Finished Crafty Things of 2009.. Part Five

Okay, so hubby used to manage a Christian Book/Gift store.  For years I have made scarves and sold them there.  This year was no different.  Well, I guess it was  a little different because I only sold 2 scarves.  Usually I sell a bunch of them.

I tend to blame myself for it.  This year instead of buying novelty yarn and just knitting it on really big needles, I played around with different stitches and made my own patterns.  Problem is that they turned out so cute I kinda wanted to keep them.  In fact I was maybe a little bit hoping to get them back, so I could have them.  Even though I don’t wear scarves. 

Anyways here are 4 of them.

Crochet Granny Rectangle Scarf

Pattern-  My Own, Crocheted Granny Rectangles
Hook Size – I
– Patons Merino Wool in Pink and Black
Notes – I think this turned out so cute.  My little girl now has her eye on this one.  🙂

Crochet Scarf

Pattern– My Own, Ripple Scarf
Hook Size – I
Yarn – Michaels brand Loops & Threads Impeccable – Brown and Aqua
Notes –I love the way this scarf ended up looking.  It might become a gift, or I might keep it.  Haven’t decided yet.

Knit Scarf with Crochet Flowers IMG_8534Knit Scarf with Crochet Flowers
Knit Scarf with Crochet Flowers Knit Scarf with Crochet Flowers

Pattern– My Own, Knit Scarf with Crocheted Flowers
Needles – US size 13
Hook Size – I
Yarn – Michaels brand Loops & Threads Impeccable – Purple, Gray, Aqua, and Brown
Notes – I adore these scarves.  If I don’t keep one for myself I will be making myself one soon.

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A Week of Happy (Jan 24-30, 2010)

Week of Happy ( Jan 24-30 2010)
1. 75/365 days of happy, 2. 76/365 days of happy, 3. 77/365 days of Happy, 4. 78/365 days of happy, 5. 79/365 days of happy, 6. 80/365 days of happy, 7. 81/365 days of happy

1. Sunday– Another scarf for a friend.  I love the color of the Rose.

2. Monday-Knitting on a gift for a family member.

3. Tuesday-Bisquick Biscuits.  Odd?  Maybe.  It’s one of the first things that my mom let me cook on my own.  My grandfather to this day still talks about those wonderful biscuits Mandi makes.  His constant praise over the simple things I would cook, made me want to cook more.  I credit him for my love of cooking and baking today.

4. Wednesday– More knitting.  I’m so happy to be working on a simple garter stitch project.  It’s about all I could handle this week.  Plus this was me starting another block on it.

5. Thursday– Apple Pie.  I’ve been wanting one for weeks.  Thanks largely in part to one of my favorite movies (Waitress) and watching the DVD sets of Pushing Daisies.  It was so yummy!

6. Friday– The hubby’s last day of work.  He brought home supper to celebrate.  Although he loved his job and the people that he worked with, the job had become a bit of a headache over the past year.  So much so that he has been dealing with a bleeding ulcer for the past 5 months or so.  So he is looking forward to what the future brings.  I was a little too upset over it being his last day of work to manage cooking.

7. Saturday– We got SNOW!  And Ice… which was a little scary, but oh so pretty to look at.  I can love the snow and ice, because we only get it in small amounts about once a year. 🙂

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Monday Musings…

All day today I’ve had a song stuck in my head.

“Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin’ all of the time” (Yep, the good old Mamas and the Papas)

Random maybe, but it’s Monday, and I’ve been crying.  So for me it fits.  I’m such a sap.  Every year on the eve of my children’s birthdays I’m a wreck.  I’m always fine on their actual birthdays.  But, that night before.  The last hug before they go to bed.  It kills me.  It’s the last time I get to hug them while they are __ (insert age there). 

Today was the last Monday that the hubby will go to work at the bookstore he has managed for the past 7 years.  I’m trying to believe that we are on the edge of something wonderful for our family.  But, the side of me who always sees the glass as half-empty… is trying to hold on to the “lasts” of this week.

It’s the lasts in life that do me in.  So, no real purpose in this post.  Just random thoughts and where I am on this Monday.  I’m trying to make myself post at least 5 times a week.  So you might end up getting a few random pointless posts from time to time. lol

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A week of Happy (Jan 17-23 2010)

I’m still working through my 365 project.  Every day I try and find something that makes me smile, or has made me happy.  Here is the past week.

A week of happy (January 17-23 2010)
1. 68/365 days of happy, 2. 69/365 days of happy, 3. 70/365 days of happy, 4. 71/365 days of happy, 5. 72/365 days of happy, 6. 73/365 days of happy,          7. 74/365 days of happy

1. Cleaning out our Bedroom.  I hate to clean, but seeing the trash bags of stuff lined up makes me smile.  Maybe it’s because I know that I won’t have to deal with it anymore.

2. I saw this post on a blog I enjoy reading and was inspired to make my own list.  Although I couldn’t do a 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.  I hit 29 last September and I am holding there. ;)  So, it’s a 29 things to do before I turn 29 to the 2nd power. lol

3.  Not having to cook supper for the first time in weeks.

4. An emergency can of Coke and some Chili Cheese Fritos.  It was the first soda I have had since Christmas.  A very nice treat during Criminal Minds.

5. A lovely lovely lovely new cookbook!

6. My first knitting stitch guide.  I adore the size of this book.  I need to take another picture with something beside it so you can see the size.  It’s so cute.

7. Cooking dinner for my family.  I really enjoy cooking, when I want to cook.  This is a Rachael Ray recipe for Baked Shells Casserole.  I used different shaped pasta and topped it with Mozzarella Cheese.  Super good, and my children ate spinach! 🙂

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